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Photo by Callan Cohen licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

The Fire Lily - a flower that lies dormant for years, but springs to life after the destruction of a forest fire, leading the way for the rest of the ecosystem to regenerate. A symbol of hope.


Fire Lily Studio hopes to mirror this, by animating new and important stories for our planet and imagining a greener, wilder, more ecologically-just future. From the climate crisis, to animal rights, to biodiversity, to food systems and so much more, only by imagining how these problems could be solved can the solutions become tangible. Animation is a powerful medium for doing so.


In a time when the destruction of nature continues and doomerism is rife, we hope to foster a sense of curiosity and determination, calling on others to think of the solutions rather than the problems. Through storytelling, we can all write a different path for our collective future.


Fire Lily Studio works with NGOs, activist groups and other creatives to weave a new narrative for our planet, using animation to depict what might seem impossible in our current world. Only through connecting with the rising network of incredible change making groups across the globe can effective transformation happen. 


Ben Sinclair began finding his passion for animation whilst studying at Kingston University, London. Experimenting with painterly and organic hand drawn animation, he began to realise how powerful this medium can be for educating and raising awareness about environmental and animal rights issues. His latest film, "A Trail of Lies", narrated by Chris Packham and voiced by Peter Egan, uncovers the cruelty of fox hunting  and the lie that is trail hunting. Having now created Fire Lily Studio, he hopes to build a community of artists and continue to create films that imagine a more ecologically-just future. 

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