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R E W I L D   Y O U R   W O R L D
S A V E  O U R  P O L L I N A T O R S

Please share this film in order to encourage others to help our vital bees and butterflies! Use the hashtag #rewildyourworld and of course, get wildflowers growing in your world - it's one of the best ways you can help our pollinator friends 🦋🐝 + it is the prime time of the year to do so!

Our pollinators, as many already know, are in a lot of danger from habitat loss, climate change and the decline of biodiversity. But rather than focusing on this grave thought, we wanted to emphasise the massive opportunity that surrounds us - rewilding. Specifically, rewilding with the enormous power of wildflowers: a vital food source for pollinators that anyone can grow at home or in their community.

Tidy, mown grass lawns have dominated garden culture for a very long time, but in this era of great peril for wildlife, just imagine if the huge expanse of garden space across the country was filled with a more diverse, flower rich habitat? You also don't even need a lawn to help - balconies, flower pots, tea pots... fill whatever you can!

Wildflowers have often been demonised as weeds and undesirables because they make lawns "untidy", causing many to view them as pests and rigorously flush them out with pesticides. This perception needs to shift into one that reveres the wildflower as a lifeline for the creatures that pollinate OUR food. This film hopes to do just that 🐝🌼🦋

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